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our cuvées

Our wines are matured in oak or acacia barrels and tuns only. After bottling, we age them at least 5 years.

packshot cuvée brut


powerful & elegant

currently unavailable

Always made from reserve wines, our Brut cuvée associates power and elegance. Its subtle equilibrium makes it the perfect wine to enjoy during the aperitive or diner.

  • Pinot Noir 80%
  • Chardonnay 20%
  • Reserve wines 40%
  • Solera method
  • Dosage 5g/l
  • Ageing : more than 5 years
  • Vinification : oak tuns
  • To the nose: beautiful nose, white fruits, brioche, buttery notes, nice minerality, fresh final.
  • To the mouth: fine mouth, fresh and fruity aromas.
  • Serve fresh between 6 and 8°C. 
  • Perfect for the aperitive or to drink along a meal.
cuvée brut ombres

Illustration by Nicole Bottet

packshot cuvée demi sec


Sweet & voluptuous

A real treat, this cuvee develops sweet notes that will elegantly accompany your pastries. The sweetness of this wine makes it the perfect cuvee to sublimate bold pairings like asian cuisine.

  • Pinot Noir 80%
  • Chardonnay 20%
  • Reserve wines 40%
  • Dosage 33g/l
  • Ageing : more than 5 years
  • Vinification : oak tuns and barrels
  • To the nose: frank, hints of pear.
  • To the mouth: sweetness, solid final.
  • Serve fresh between 6 and 8°C. 
  • Ideal for the aperitive or to accompany your desserts or the salty-sweet dishes from asian cuisine.
cuvée demi sec dans panier
bandeau demi sec

Illustration by Nieves Salzmann

packshot cuvée extra brut


Freshness & minerality


Very Chardonnay-typed despite being equally blended with Pinot Noir, our signature cepage. This cuvee, matured in acacia and oak tuns, is both fresh and fruity. Lively, with fine and rapid bubbles, ideal for an aperitive.

  • Pinot Noir 50%
  • Chardonnay 50%
  • Reserve Wines 40%
  • Dosage 2g/l
  • Ageing : more than 7 years
  • Vinification : acacia and oak tun
  • To the eye: very fine bubbles, very bright.
  • To the nose: frank opening, very delicate nose, dried fruits, hazelnuts, honey notes.
  • To the mouth: light and onctuous, vinous and  fruity. Evolves on mineral and dry notes. Flavors of pear and green apple. Long and great persistancy, voluptuous with powerful aromas.
  • Serve well-iced

  • A delight with lobster or lightly grilled fish.

cuvée extra brut au jardin

Illustration by Nicole Bottet

packshot cuvée racines


Tonicity & delicacy

A cuvee with delicate hint, both fresh and voluptuous, expressing a great aromatic richness thanks to a maturation in tuns and extended ageing in our cellars. For this cuvee, a symbol of transmission and family legacy, we chose to celebrate our reserve wines.

  • Pinot Noir 26% (2012 to 2017)
  • Chardonnay 74% (2016 to 2017)
  • Reserve Wines: 100%
  • Dosage 3g/l
  • Ageing: more than 3 years
  • Disgorgement: February 2023
  • Vinification: oak and acacia
  • To the nose: tasty and generous, toasted, pastries.
  • To the mouth: Emphasis on Chardonnay, tonic and very fresh.
  • Serve fresh between 8 and 10°C.

  • Ideal to accompany your diners.

racines contre étiquette
bandeau racines

Illustration by Julie Delattre

New generation

At the initiative of the new generation, our bottle is presented with a modern labelling, drawn by a local artist with chinese ink. For all our champagnes, we are comitted to let our terroir express itself at its best. Guided by a constant search for quality and strong values, we have been growing our plots organically since our foundation in 1971.


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